NFC payments for business

We deliver your customized payment system that provides speed, insight and delight, so you can focus on the things that matter most for you business

 The concept

Your customers pay in a Blieep with three simple steps



Order the product or service you want to buy at your local bar, club or organization

Register payment

Register the product on your own, personal payment account by holding your Blieep card against our specially designed payment terminals

Convenient post payment

The amount outstanding will be automatically collected from your bank account at convenient, regular intervals

All transactions are conveniently displayed in a mobile app


Blieep as your custom NFC payment solution

Blieep provides your business with its very own custom payment system. Based on your input we assemble your customised combination of hard- and software to suit your needs seamlessly. Our personally designed hardware terminals register the transactions which you can automatically invoice with one click on a button. Furthermore, the software provides you with real-time insight in all the transactions. Blieep provides you with an innovative system that handles your payments so you can focus on the business that matters most to you.


Large companies

Keep cash flows internal

Blieep can be used to keep track of internal payments within the company, such as for lunch or office materials consumed by employees. By keeping these cash flows internal they can become part of the fringe benefits of the company.

Small/medium enterprises

Speed: 0.2 sec per transaction

Loyalty cards for regulars

Prognostic insights in sales


No unnecessary cash handling

Blieep eases the painful work for the treasures by automising the administration of transactions and payments, so the treasurer no longer has to count and manage cash.

Number of transaction handled by Blieep

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The team

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Mark Laagland

Hardware and Software developer

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Mikel Palokaj

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